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Maintenance 08/06: Fixing Miner on defense and Scouting army preview

Discussion in 'Informations & Updates' started by Supercell, Jun 18, 2016.

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  1. Supercell

    Supercell Member

    Hey Chief,

    We will be having a short maintenance to fix a Miner defense issue. The Miner will now jump over walls on defense. Additionally, the Army overview will show up-to-date information while scouting again.

    Thanks for your patience!​
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  2. By me the update Version Not im from german
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  3. Toni1965

    Toni1965 Member

  4. Savva

    Savva Member

    What's the dns for private clash of clans server
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  5. ItsTweenty

    ItsTweenty Member

    The server no longer exists @Savva
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